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Your most friendly and experienced pilot service

Big or Small - Reasonable Rates - Negotiable

Experienced and efficient pilot car services, including traffic plans, route surveys and high pole. Fully certified and insured with newer, updated equipment including VHF Radios. Located in Billings, Montana, and piloting loads all over the United States and Canada.

Specialized Load Services

  • Highly experienced

  • 70% of business on average

  • Multi-car loads

  • Fully equipped with necessary equipment

Canadian Legal

  • Official signage as required by Canadian law

  • Multiple vehicles fully insured and certified for Canadian travel

  • Extensive experience with border crossings


  • All pilots hold UT and/or WA certifications

  • Pilots available with TWIC certification

Route Surveys

  • Detailed surveys for multiple states

  • Traffic plans as required by MT and ID

High Pole

  • Multiple vehicles fully insured and certified

  • Proper equipment (Wonder Pole & Rattler)

  • Up to 40' high poles available

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