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Specialized Load Services

Big Sky Pilots is highly experienced with Specialized Load Services and multi-car loads. Specialized loads make up 70% of our business, on average. We are fully equipped with the necessary equipment, including VHF radios, GPS, CB, and onboard printers. Our pilots experience and knowledge help ensure that your specialized load reaches its destination safely and smoothly.

High Pole

We have proper high pole equipment (Wonder Pole & Rattler) and we know how to use it. Big Sky Pilots has multiple vehicles fully insured and properly set up with front mounts. We have up to 40' high poles available and have experience with multiple loads over 27' tall.

Canadian Legal

Big Sky Pilots is Canadian legal. We carry the official signage as required by Canadian law and have multiple vehicles fully insured and certified for cross-border travel. We also have extensive experience with border crossings. Our Canadian travel experience sets us apart when piloting in Canada, including knowledge of the terrain and road system.


All pilots working with Big Sky Pilots hold certifications issued by Utah or Washington or both. We also have pilots available with TWIC certification. We pilot all across the United States and Canada (except New York). Safety is our top priority, and certification is an important part of that

Route Surveys

Big Sky Pilots provides detailed surveys for multiple states. We also prepare detailed traffic plans as required by Montana and Idaho. Our surveys and traffic plans are affordable, accurate and run with the attention to detail required for your load to safely reach its destination.

If you have questions about rates or services, please contact us! We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service to our customers.